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Bike Girls, Gymnastics And More


Dinosaur Bride, Gym Couple, Snake Earring

Funny pictures of dinosaur bride, gym couple, snake earring and more pranks! Check them out now!

Face Masks, Babes And ‘Weightlifting’

Face masks, more babes, ‘weightlifting’ and more lol and wtf pictures in this post; check them out now!

Some Very Interesting Pictures And Gifs

Get in here and check out these very interesting pictures and gifs today on Funnyflava!

Crazy Unexpected Claw Machines

Have you come across these crazy and unexpected claw machines before? Would you want to play?

Hilarious Japanese Pranks And Challenges

Check out these hilarious and crazy Japanese pranks And challenges!

Funny, WTF And Cool Stuff

More funny, wtf and cool pictures and gifs here to share with you; check them out now!

Giant Python, Motorbiking And Sharks

Check these out! A giant python, awesome motorbiking, and what? Sharks?

Boys, Girls And More WTF

Boys, Girls And More WTF

School, Cat And Biking

School, Cat And Biking

Food, Celebration And Cosplay

Food, Celebration And Cosplay

Girls, Chair and New Fashion?

Girls, Chair and New Fashion?

Buttefaces, Legs and more – 10 pics

Happy New Year everyone, he’s some WTF pictures from 2014 to enjoy. First a picture that lets down your expectations….

High Heels, Pigs, Hotel Rooms and more – 17 WTF Pictures

Fashion has come a long way, all the way to this brilliant creation, the most random and pointless high heel…

Enjoyable Flight, Short Skirts and more – 12 Pics

Book me onto that flight please.

Crazy saves and more – 8 Gifs

This Dad makes a much needed save.

Dogs, Kanye and Falling Pigs – 11 Pics

Why do you do this doggie, why.

Fails, Craziness and Animals – 13 Gifs

That’s gotta have hurt, I wonder what injuries there were.

Oversized Coats, Fashion and More – 10 WTF pics

At least he’s warm I guess, but not ideal to move about in, surely he’s just gonna fall over or…

Handbags, Pizza and Funny Animals – 12 Pics

You never know what girls are gonna pull out of their handbags…..

Waking Ducky, Real life GTA and Socks – 14 Gifs

This little duck is so cute waking up. Then we have real life GTA, and some impressive sock catching after.

Crazy Makeup Transformations – 5 WTF Pics

I know that makeup does wonders, but really the difference it makes in these pictures is absolutely crazy.  

Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

Arguable one of the most WTF videos on the internet. Only from Japan.

Lost my appetite..

Why can’t people just eat normal things.

Girls and Frogs

I think the bottom girl has got things wrong…


I really wanna know what they sell….


No fucks given.

Cleavage Painting

Paint on a cleavage instead of surgery, just don’t get it wet.

The TV Show

Yet another complete mindfuck by Japan, which is pretty awesome.

Wood Hunger

I’m so hungry, I’d even take a bite out of this wooden beam.

Self Shot Style

New style of self shot photography making its debut.

Makeup Transform

Witness the power of makeup.

Comfy Sandals

Can’t even imagine the pain of wearing these.

Convenient Bad Habits

More wtf, kind of a good idea.

Japan Delivers again

Probably one of the best adverts.

Safe Place

Seems like a good place to shelter from the rain…


Nice spot to choose.

Hard Head

Outdoor standing brain surgery becoming popular.


Immense concentration and balance.

Strength and Beauty

I don’t understand how this came about.

Crowded Transport

No seats left? No problem.

Gal O Sengen

It’s Vegeta combined with Jersey Shore, enjoy.

Best Idea

Hey lets test our grenades out, this’ll be a great idea.

Japanese Music – It’s so Good now

One of the best music videos of this generation.  

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