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Unlikely couple

She loves him for his kindness.

Mother Yoda

This looks completely normal.

Hilarious Japanese Pranks And Challenges

Check out these hilarious and crazy Japanese pranks And challenges!

Crazy Nails, Busy Road And Tattoo

Crazy Nails, Busy Road And Tattoo

School, Cat And Biking

School, Cat And Biking

Food, Celebration And Cosplay

Food, Celebration And Cosplay

Pool, Mirror and Proposal

Pool, Mirror and Proposal

Squats, Stairs and more – 15 Lol Pics

If you don’t have a gym, you can still squat. There’s something hot about women who can squat a lot…

Kneeling, Sniffing and more – 10 Lol pics

Morose expressions, tall hot girl kneeling, microphones surrounding an unassuming Asian man, what a great picture.

Happiness, Hugging and more – 10 Lol pics

This is real happiness, lots of what you love.

Buttefaces, Legs and more – 10 pics

Happy New Year everyone, he’s some WTF pictures from 2014 to enjoy. First a picture that lets down your expectations….

Teddy, Shiny Floor and more – 11 Lol pics

This is one lucky teddy, and looks exhausted too.

Elisha Cuthbert, Rain and more – 10 Gifs

Some cool and interesting gifs today, first a hot one of the Canadian actress and model Elisha Cuthbert in motion.

Parenting, Fashion and more – 10 Fail Pics

Great parents here, really looking out for their child’s comfort and dealing with important matters on the phone.

For Seal, Chopsticks and more – 10 Fail Pics

That seal will be one happy seal.

Cats, Dinos, Pugs and more – 14 Gifs

How to clean your table easily.

Sharks, Fur and more – 10 WTF pics

This looks comfortable to sleep in.

Cheeky Touch and more – 11 LoL Pics

Not being first still has its perks if you can get away with it.

Short Dresses, Comfort and more – 12 Lol Pics

She’s forgotten that she is wearing a short dress, which means there’s going to be a lot of staring when…

Importance, Glitter and more – 10 Lol Pics

Taking a picture of what’s important while she isn’t looking.

Distraction and Dancing – 12 Lol Pics

Would you take a peak?

Denim, Waist, Attention and more – 10 lol pics

Wearing your frilly underwear underneath some cut out denim thong thing, I like it!

Eye rest, fashion and more – 10 Lol Pics

Time for a nice rest with this attractive and eye catching soft eye mask.

Shocks, Costumes and more – 13 Lol Pics

Happy Halloween,Some amazing makeup skills for this costume!

Cakes , Lemurs and Ships – 8 Gifs

This makes me hungry, and want one of these, to just ice everything I eat.

Phones, Faces and a Cactus – 12 LoL pics

We’ve had a break for a while, but we’re back with new posts finally, many more to come, so check…

Makeup, randomness, girls and more – 11 wtf pics

Proper make up makes a helluva difference.

Toilet Paper, Transformations and more – 15 Wtf pics

I think there’s enough spare toilet paper now.

Girls, Ferrets, Expressions and more – 18 Gifs

Going through her repertoire of cuteness.

Statues, Cars, Peaches and more- 11 Lol pics

Looks like this weird statue is enjoying a touch by a beautiful girl.

Lingerie, Pants, Stop and more – 11 Fail Pics

I think this lingerie show is attracting the wrong type of customers.

Photos, Views and more – 12 Lol Pics

Kids are so innocent, taking pictures of well, things.

High Heels, Pigs, Hotel Rooms and more – 17 WTF Pictures

Fashion has come a long way, all the way to this brilliant creation, the most random and pointless high heel…

Clothes, Height, Sharks and more – 14 Lol Pics

Some clothes don’t fit everyone.

Cones, Dogs, Handbags and more – 13 lol pics

This is either a new fashion trend or just some crazy guy.

Unable to Resist, Cosplay and more – 10 lol pics

Having a quick peak, you can’t blame the man, how could you resist?

Drumming, Fun, Mystery and more – 11 Pics

I think I could play the drums if it was always like this, I might even enjoy it.

High heels, weird stuff – 9 WTF Pics

Those don’t look very comfortable.

Evil Mushrooms, Stylish Mannequins and more – 12 lol pics

Evil mushrooms, do not eat them!

Enjoyable Flight, Short Skirts and more – 12 Pics

Book me onto that flight please.

Short clothes, Illusions and Nurses – 11 Lol Pics

I think that’s going a little too short.

Before and after, and more – 12 wtf pics

What a crazy transformation.

Crazy saves and more – 8 Gifs

This Dad makes a much needed save.

Happiness, the Wind, Bunny Ears – 12 Pics

This dog is happy for an obvious reason.

Transformations, Delivery and a Watermelon – 12 Pics

That’s a pretty crazy transformation for 1 year. Amazing what haircut and right clothes can do.

Bending, Peeking, Bacon – 12 Pics

You’ve got something on your knee, yeah, better take your time and make sure its cleaned off.

Dogs, Kanye and Falling Pigs – 11 Pics

Why do you do this doggie, why.

Fails, Craziness and Animals – 13 Gifs

That’s gotta have hurt, I wonder what injuries there were.

Crazy Surgery, Crazy People and more – 17 WTF Pics

This kind of surgery is just plain crazy.

Pizza Burgers, Kids Toys and more – 18 Lol Pics

This has to be the greatest idea ever. Then check out that kid’s defense, never break weak play to her…

Opening a Bottle, Pests, Attack Dogs and more – Gifs

Some bottles are just so hard to open, you need some help from your friend. Then someone finds out the…

Like a boss, slutty mannequins and more – 10 Lol Pics

Carrying around this mattress like a boss, then the most boss riding of motorbike ever, plus more!    

Battles, Random stuff and Animals- 11 Pics

The battle to see if what they say about blondes is really true or not. Though the blondes just look…

Oversized Coats, Fashion and More – 10 WTF pics

At least he’s warm I guess, but not ideal to move about in, surely he’s just gonna fall over or…

Self Cake, Hair and Van Fails – 11 Pics

There’s nothing like the joy at a wedding, cutting into a life size replica cake of yourself.  

Bats, Before and After and Pizza – 10 Pics

No wonder Batman was so scared as a kid, this looks horrific to see. Then we have some nice subway…

Handbags, Pizza and Funny Animals – 12 Pics

You never know what girls are gonna pull out of their handbags…..

Waking Ducky, Real life GTA and Socks – 14 Gifs

This little duck is so cute waking up. Then we have real life GTA, and some impressive sock catching after.

Some Fails of the Day – 6 Fail Pics

Kid having an accident on your shoulder, just have to take it and keep on walking.  

Miley Bieber, Nic Cage Fan and Stuck Cat – 9 WTF pics

This first one fits way too well. Some of the other pictures are downright ridiculous, the traffic one makes me…

Real Life Barbie

Ukrainian Barbie girl, unbelievably weird body, its actually hard to decide if she’s real or not.

Urinal Head Rests?

For a nice nap whilst you’re there…?

Gif Saturday

A few crazy gifs to see today!  

How to test the perfect ass

Is your girls bum firm enough to clench a piece of paper?

Real depression

How is the whole body fitting in there? Mannequin or not?

Weird Tribal Helms

Weird but strangely interesting.

Long Hair Group

I wonder what would make them cut their hair finally.

Guy flinging

This isn’t weird at all

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