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Makeovers, Subway And Ring

Makeovers, Subway And Ring

Subway, Peach And Cat

Subway, Peach And Cat

Sharks, Fur and more – 10 WTF pics

This looks comfortable to sleep in.

High Heels, Pigs, Hotel Rooms and more – 17 WTF Pictures

Fashion has come a long way, all the way to this brilliant creation, the most random and pointless high heel…

High heels, weird stuff – 9 WTF Pics

Those don’t look very comfortable.

Bats, Before and After and Pizza – 10 Pics

No wonder Batman was so scared as a kid, this looks horrific to see. Then we have some nice subway…

Fine Dining

Welcome to the Subway

Subway Life

Just another day on the subway

Guarantee a seat

By bringing your own.

That subway

Crazy day on the subway again.

Family outing

Family outing


Some people just have to be different.8F7WVATM3V5P

Concentrating really hard

Don’t disturb him, he’s concentrating on something extremely important.

This looks totally normal, for the subway.

I can’t think they’d be doing anything sexual here, I mean it’s in public!

Subway sleepers

That guy looks to be really enjoying this ride.

Subway girls

The subway…. I guess its never too boring?

Unwanted Attention

Guy making his move on the subway.

More Subway Fun

The subway never gets too boring.

Subway Fun

Oh, I’ll wait and take the next one I think….

Subway WTF

I don’t even know what to say.

Bad Hair Day

The wonders of the subway population yet again.

Subway Nap

It’s best to wear this so no one take advantage of you when you nap on the subway.

Subway Fun

More fun on the subway, every day to work is interesting.

Subway gang

Just another day on the subway.

That expression

That fuck my life type of expression.

Subway fun

Just another day on the way to work.

Subway Sleeper

On second thoughts, I think I’ll stand.  

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