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Mon And Son, Photoshop Fails, X-ray

Get in here and check out these funny and wtf pictures of mon And son, photoshop fails, security X-ray and…

Fall, Reading And Babes

Fall, Reading And Babes

Lingerie, Pants, Stop and more – 11 Fail Pics

I think this lingerie show is attracting the wrong type of customers.

Transformations, Delivery and a Watermelon – 12 Pics

That’s a pretty crazy transformation for 1 year. Amazing what haircut and right clothes can do.

Bending, Peeking, Bacon – 12 Pics

You’ve got something on your knee, yeah, better take your time and make sure its cleaned off.

Ferrets, Football, and Intimidation – 15 gifs

That’s one crafty ferret, he deserves to get whatever that is.

Hide and Seek Special – 19 Pics

Hide and Seek is fun when you’re a kid. Some of these are pretty good hiding places, some are absolutely…

Dogs, Kanye and Falling Pigs – 11 Pics

Why do you do this doggie, why.

Cooking Tips, Animal Fun and Randomness – 9 Lol Pics

This post brings you a great cooking tip for safety, just wear a giant plastic bag, now oil won’t splatter…

Friendzone, Spiderman and Bad Parenting – 11 pics

The friend-zone is a horrible place to be, especially in public.

Some Fails of the Day – 6 Fail Pics

Kid having an accident on your shoulder, just have to take it and keep on walking.  

Eating Evidence, Slide Smash and a Mean Dog – 5 Gifs

From eating evidence, to wrecking slides, a dog having some fun and flying crocodiles, here’s a few gifs to laugh…

Miley Bieber, Nic Cage Fan and Stuck Cat – 9 WTF pics

This first one fits way too well. Some of the other pictures are downright ridiculous, the traffic one makes me…

Safety First

Safety is of the utmost importance to these guys.


Wow the avengers have some new members

Headlight Fix

This works…..I guess.

Safety First

In Asia, they are serious about safety.

Nice Car Door

Going for that abstract mixed material artistic look for his car.l

Cutting safely

Those fingers are completely safe right underneath that blade.

Excellent Parking

Fits right in the middle of the side lane, well done.

Wrecked Tire

When the mechanic tells this guy he’ll need a new tire, he really isn’t ripping him off.

Public Transport

That girl looks real happy.


Painful photo for that guy

Best solution

Sun making it so you can’t see the screen? Why not try this?

Poor Donkey

Trying to load up their wagon too much…

Wrapper Difference

Wait something is different here..

Totally Safe

I can’t see anything wrong with this lock..oh wait.

Follow me it’s safe

Men are all liars.

Good Idea

Thinking is over-rated.

Nice legs

Why are those people staring at me?

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