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Robots, Slides and Clouds – 12 Gifs

I’m coming in. Good Morning!

High heels, weird stuff – 9 WTF Pics

Those don’t look very comfortable.

Evil Mushrooms, Stylish Mannequins and more – 12 lol pics

Evil mushrooms, do not eat them!

Enjoyable Flight, Short Skirts and more – 12 Pics

Book me onto that flight please.

Bubbles, Carrots, Bunnies and more – 12 Cute Pics

Astonished by some bubbles, impressive picture, both cute and cool.

Short clothes, Illusions and Nurses – 11 Lol Pics

I think that’s going a little too short.

Before and after, and more – 12 wtf pics

What a crazy transformation.

Crazy saves and more – 8 Gifs

This Dad makes a much needed save.

Happiness, the Wind, Bunny Ears – 12 Pics

This dog is happy for an obvious reason.

Webs, Girls and Ducks – 9 Cool Pics

A cool selection of different pictures, from this spiderweb, to some fashion photos and even a microscopic photo of a…

Transformations, Delivery and a Watermelon – 12 Pics

That’s a pretty crazy transformation for 1 year. Amazing what haircut and right clothes can do.

Bending, Peeking, Bacon – 12 Pics

You’ve got something on your knee, yeah, better take your time and make sure its cleaned off.

Beautiful Asian Babes – 14 Pictures

Another hot selection of Asian beauties, which is your favorite Asian Model?

Fierce, Happy, Friendly – 9 Cute Pics

Roar, I am fierce

Chess, Diving, Booty Bounce – 10 Gifs

Ah yeah, the famous steal and run away move.

Ferrets, Football, and Intimidation – 15 gifs

That’s one crafty ferret, he deserves to get whatever that is.

Hide and Seek Special – 19 Pics

Hide and Seek is fun when you’re a kid. Some of these are pretty good hiding places, some are absolutely…

Dogs, Kanye and Falling Pigs – 11 Pics

Why do you do this doggie, why.

Fails, Craziness and Animals – 13 Gifs

That’s gotta have hurt, I wonder what injuries there were.

Crazy Surgery, Crazy People and more – 17 WTF Pics

This kind of surgery is just plain crazy.

Otters, Best Pals and more cute animals – 10 Cute Pics

These Otters look so happy!

Pizza Burgers, Kids Toys and more – 18 Lol Pics

This has to be the greatest idea ever. Then check out that kid’s defense, never break weak play to her…

More Beautiful Ladies – 12 Hot Pictures

Some breathtaking girls in today’s post, my favourites are this first one, the perfect everything in the second, and the…

Ridiculously Cute Animals – 15 Pics

Beware, some of these images are too cute to even handle.

Opening a Bottle, Pests, Attack Dogs and more – Gifs

Some bottles are just so hard to open, you need some help from your friend. Then someone finds out the…

Like a boss, slutty mannequins and more – 10 Lol Pics

Carrying around this mattress like a boss, then the most boss riding of motorbike ever, plus more!    

Impressive Animals and more cool pics – 10 pics

Some truly stunning examples of the animal world in today’s post, plus some other random cool pics.

Battles, Random stuff and Animals- 11 Pics

The battle to see if what they say about blondes is really true or not. Though the blondes just look…

Football Gifs, Animals and More – 11 Gifs

To go with the theme of the world cup, here’s 3 funny football gifs, then we have some other crazy…

Hot Beauties Tuesday Post – 11 Pics

Another hot selection of beauties, which is your favorite today, again another hard choice!

Oversized Coats, Fashion and More – 10 WTF pics

At least he’s warm I guess, but not ideal to move about in, surely he’s just gonna fall over or…

Best Friends, Bunnies and More – 11 pics

Bestest Pals forever in this first one, and some unlikely friendships and hugs to follow.

Duck Horde, Cats and Fails – 11 Gifs

Ducks, Ducks EVERYWHERE.

The Avengers, Funny Animals and More – 14 Pics

The Avengers aren’t looking as formidable as they usually do, except the Hulk, he looks insanely scary as usual.  

Cool Pictures of Animals, Landscapes and Cosplay – 14 Pics

The quality of these Pacific Rim cosplays is insane, understandable that they couldn’t have real sized outfits though. Out of…

Cute Foxes, Dogs, Cats and more! – 10 Pics

These foxes manage to be both cute and menacing at the same time. What are they planning?    

Self Cake, Hair and Van Fails – 11 Pics

There’s nothing like the joy at a wedding, cutting into a life size replica cake of yourself.  

Beautful Girls – 10 Pics

Which is your favorite today? I can’t decide, they are all beautiful.  

Bats, Before and After and Pizza – 10 Pics

No wonder Batman was so scared as a kid, this looks horrific to see. Then we have some nice subway…

Handbags, Pizza and Funny Animals – 12 Pics

You never know what girls are gonna pull out of their handbags…..

Waking Ducky, Real life GTA and Socks – 14 Gifs

This little duck is so cute waking up. Then we have real life GTA, and some impressive sock catching after.

Cheerful Food, Escaping Pigs and a Drunk Chick – 10 Lol Pics

So tasty and so cheerful looking at the same time, it would be a shame to even spoil it, but…

Beautiful Selection of Girls – 11 Pics

Check out today’s selection of beauties that have been submitted. We have hot tight bodies, flawless faces, cute models, girls…

Funny Dance, Animals and More – 12 Gifs

I’d hire these guys to dance at any event I’m in charge of.    

Cool Cars and Pictures – 6 Pics

This is one of the coolest looking cars I’ve seen. Plus some more cool looking pictures.

Imminent Pain, Crazy Creatures and Other Stuff – 10 Pics

I wonder what happened next in the first pic, I can’t even tell what animal the 2nd pic is.

Cooking Tips, Animal Fun and Randomness – 9 Lol Pics

This post brings you a great cooking tip for safety, just wear a giant plastic bag, now oil won’t splatter…

Funny animals, good friends and craziness – 12 Gifs

First gif is an example of a great friend. Then we got a cute cat who loves to lick and…

Fail Control, Haircut, Driving, Subway and more – 7 Fail Pics

First some fail control of children. Then a random looking haircut. After is an example of some excellent driving skills….

Crazy Makeup Transformations – 5 WTF Pics

I know that makeup does wonders, but really the difference it makes in these pictures is absolutely crazy.  

Adorable and Cute Creatures from all over – 9 Cute Pics

Check out this range of cuties, from this baby turtle to a scared doggy, best friend lion cubs and bully…

Crazy and Funny Gifs of the Day – 8 Gifs

Check out some of these, imagine this crazy moose charging you, a Canadian nightmare. The dresses in the second picture,…

Friendzone, Spiderman and Bad Parenting – 11 pics

The friend-zone is a horrible place to be, especially in public.

Nailed it Special Post of Fails – 19 Pics

Collected a few funny pictures of the “nailed it” meme, where people see something cool like a lovely looking recipe…

Modern Advancement, Mean Girls and More – 12 Funny Pics

Superheroes have come a long way in 30 years. And the girls from Mean Girls have come a long way…

Some Fails of the Day – 6 Fail Pics

Kid having an accident on your shoulder, just have to take it and keep on walking.  

Eating Evidence, Slide Smash and a Mean Dog – 5 Gifs

From eating evidence, to wrecking slides, a dog having some fun and flying crocodiles, here’s a few gifs to laugh…

Miley Bieber, Nic Cage Fan and Stuck Cat – 9 WTF pics

This first one fits way too well. Some of the other pictures are downright ridiculous, the traffic one makes me…

Daily Sexy Dose – Amazing Asian Girls – 7 Pics

Another set of beauties for you today. Which is your favorite? Which would you Marry, Kiss or Avoid? You’d be…

Cute Duck, Furry Beings and Annoyed Baby – 5 Pics

Quick post today of a few cute images. Starting with this adorable baby ducky!

Uninterested Dog & More – 4 Gifs

What is that human trying to do, it’s really annoying.   Ouch that must have hurt.   Back to God…

Yoona, Stripy Dresses and Fabulous Hair – 11 Beautiful Pictures

Another day of beautiful models to appreciate, check out today’s photos, which is your favorite?    

Home Alone, Never Forget, Waiters – 14 Pics

This is me every time home alone. Pondering who the hell is knocking on the door. Whether to ignore it…

Cute Dinos, a Cool Lamp, Car Removal – 9 Pics

Usually at, I make a separate post for every picture. Now all the pictures for the day will be…

Green Screen

Interesting look at the making of films.

Fuck lettuce

God damn lettuce I hate you.

Rolling in

Rolling into a snug position.

Busy Party

This looks fun and safe. I wonder if the floor collapsed too.

Ahri Cosplay

Super cute cosplay by Yuri Seo.


The disadvantages to big breasts.

Fishing Haul

Caught after 24 hours.


Well I guess he only wanted to do one trip.

Pussy Sofa

I wonder why it has that name.

Advertisement lie

Ordering a dress from China, never again.

Odd one Out

Guess which one has gone from getting all attention to sharing attention.

Rice Fox

Another tasty cute treat.

Sleepy Bear Rice

A tasty and cute meal, shame to eat it.

New Mailbox

The neighbors got a new mailbox, I’m a bit concerned.

Balance and Comfort

I can’t tell which is more comfortable, holding up some guy, or sitting on a stick.

Hot Korean Model

Great figure and great photo.

New Fashion

The color is very 2014.

Naughty Pack

Things are getting frisky on the shopping shelf.

Ripped Jeans

Maybe a little too ripped.


Argh I want one!


I’m surprised it went well.

New Recruit

Such a cute puppy, getting ready to train for helping someone in need.

Sleeping Corgis

Their sleeping positions are cute on their own.

Giant Potato

How in the world was this grown?


Would you be a little bit nervous?

Mannequins have it hard

Just need some time to lie down.

Secret Fridge

For some secret supplies.

Bubble Bath

Hmm, I think we have a bubble problem.

Bursting Fun

He was a little bit let down.

Little Piggy

Having a nice bath.

Safe Bike

That bike chain is definitely going to protect this bike.

Head Protection

He has safety as his top priority.

Baby Racoon

Never seen a baby racoon before! So cute!

Car full of Bikes

This guy needs a lot of bikes.

Amazing Model

Super hot clothing.

Cat Foot

Look at it!

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