Home Alone, Never Forget, Waiters – 14 Pics

This is me every time home alone. Pondering who the hell is knocking on the door. Whether to ignore it and burglars will think the house is empty and break in. Or to answer, and they’ll attack you and break in. Then you just get a hammer ready and put the chain on the door, and you hear “Do you have a minute to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”. Oh god it’s even worse.

Home Alone

Mouth so full you can’t even respond properly.

Waiter arrives

Overflowing with soft toys.


Pretty cool idea for a sock.

Shark Sock

I never sleep on trains for this reason.


What were they thinking, actually I guess they weren’t.

Never Forget

Noooo not his friend.


This guy has it mastered.




Last minute costumes for a party.


Loading Afro

Someone pooped

This is too many women.

Makeup Instructions

Cute Dinos, a Cool Lamp, Car Removal – 9 Pics

Usually at funnyflava.com, I make a separate post for every picture. Now all the pictures for the day will be in one post, since I’ll be expanding the type of posts on the site soon, to include more variety and essentially more content, so it doesn’t make sense to have all the picture posts separately posted now.

Right now all different categories are in this post, but soon I’ll have more content to split it up into category posts, as such some of the next days posts will just be Lol category even though they contain a mixture.

Now this is one crazy light fixture, would you have it your house?

Cool looking Lamp

It would be interesting if giant versions of these roamed the land, as long as they didn’t eat us.

Cute Dinos

This looks very safe, and attached so well, I would definitely be fine driving behind it.

Safe Car Removal

This is hilarious, I hope everyone starts cooking like this when spitting oil is a problem.

Oil Splash Guard

That guard is very interested in what he sees.

interested Guard

What would you say to her, to get her to go out with you?

Beautiful Model

Yay, lets go to the park, it looks so clean and fun.

Super Park

Someone added sleep sauce to his noodles.

Sleepy Noodles

That girl has some sturdy shoulders to carry such a weight.

Strong Girl