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Dinosaur Bride, Gym Couple, Snake Earring

Funny pictures of dinosaur bride, gym couple, snake earring and more pranks! Check them out now!

Unlikely couple

She loves him for his kindness.

Mother Yoda

This looks completely normal.

Lucky Guy

His expression is priceless, just chilling. One of the girls is the odd one, can you pick right?  

Some Very Interesting Pictures And Gifs

Get in here and check out these very interesting pictures and gifs today on Funnyflava!

Crazy Unexpected Claw Machines

Have you come across these crazy and unexpected claw machines before? Would you want to play?

Hilarious Japanese Pranks And Challenges

Check out these hilarious and crazy Japanese pranks And challenges!

Cute Delivery Suit And Big Boobs

Cute delivery suit, more cat pictures and big boobs!

Giant Python, Motorbiking And Sharks

Check these out! A giant python, awesome motorbiking, and what? Sharks?

Boys, Girls And More WTF

Boys, Girls And More WTF

Crazy Nails, Busy Road And Tattoo

Crazy Nails, Busy Road And Tattoo

Orange Teeth, Cat And Sexy Tree

Orange Teeth, Cat And Sexy Tree

Wednesday Fun Compilation 4

Wednesday Fun Compilation 4

Babe, Cactus And Lizzard

Babe, Cactus And Lizzard

Food, Celebration And Cosplay

Food, Celebration And Cosplay

Girls, Chair and New Fashion?

Girls, Chair and New Fashion?

Buttefaces, Legs and more – 10 pics

Happy New Year everyone, he’s some WTF pictures from 2014 to enjoy. First a picture that lets down your expectations….

Sharks, Fur and more – 10 WTF pics

This looks comfortable to sleep in.

Makeup, randomness, girls and more – 11 wtf pics

Proper make up makes a helluva difference.

Toilet Paper, Transformations and more – 15 Wtf pics

I think there’s enough spare toilet paper now.

High Heels, Pigs, Hotel Rooms and more – 17 WTF Pictures

Fashion has come a long way, all the way to this brilliant creation, the most random and pointless high heel…

High heels, weird stuff – 9 WTF Pics

Those don’t look very comfortable.

Before and after, and more – 12 wtf pics

What a crazy transformation.

Transformations, Delivery and a Watermelon – 12 Pics

That’s a pretty crazy transformation for 1 year. Amazing what haircut and right clothes can do.

Crazy Surgery, Crazy People and more – 17 WTF Pics

This kind of surgery is just plain crazy.

Oversized Coats, Fashion and More – 10 WTF pics

At least he’s warm I guess, but not ideal to move about in, surely he’s just gonna fall over or…

Bats, Before and After and Pizza – 10 Pics

No wonder Batman was so scared as a kid, this looks horrific to see. Then we have some nice subway…

Crazy Makeup Transformations – 5 WTF Pics

I know that makeup does wonders, but really the difference it makes in these pictures is absolutely crazy.  

Miley Bieber, Nic Cage Fan and Stuck Cat – 9 WTF pics

This first one fits way too well. Some of the other pictures are downright ridiculous, the traffic one makes me…

Fishing Haul

Caught after 24 hours.


Well I guess he only wanted to do one trip.

Pussy Sofa

I wonder why it has that name.

New Mailbox

The neighbors got a new mailbox, I’m a bit concerned.

Balance and Comfort

I can’t tell which is more comfortable, holding up some guy, or sitting on a stick.

Giant Potato

How in the world was this grown?


Would you be a little bit nervous?

Car full of Bikes

This guy needs a lot of bikes.

Stockroom is Full

Why not store everything on the side of the building!


I wonder what it tastes like.

Slide in Toilet

Not much room to do your business or even attempt to get in.


Both creepy as fuck and what the fuck.

Panda Feeder

Must be a pretty crazy job. Nice costume though.


I have no idea what this is about.

Creepy Mushroom

This was at a kids park.

Pandas Everywhere

It’s a pandarama.

Crazy Car

I think whoever owns this likes hunting animals…

Bike ride

A little bit crowded though.

Getting drunk

Fun times, that he’s missing out.

Not a Happy Flower

Brilliant parents or evil parents?


This is almost unbelievable.


Here’s proof they exist, they don’t look that small though.  

Exam Cheating

More innovative cheating techniques from China.

Something is not right

I’m not sure but I think someone flipped that building over.


That’s some talent.

Face on Fire

The most wtf thing is how casual this guy is.

Drunk people

Looks random and fun.

Size Difference

It’s kind of crazy that our species as adults can have such massive size difference.

Dont Drink Kids

Free radioactive super abilities with your water supply.

Looks Legit

Run kids run.

Well done Fashion

Another win for Fashion.

Weird Statue

Naked bald woman in high heels with a big fork riding a giant cock, makes sense.

Wall people

Is this supposed to be art?

Balancing Act

I doubt many people could do this.

What girls do for beauty

Your eyes will look better if we set fire to them…

Subway Life

Just another day on the subway

Fun Day at the Beach

Just a little bit crowded.

Crazy Man

Lucky to be alive. Also stupid as hell.

Creepy Dolphins

Didn’t know dolphins could be this creepy.

Obese + Motorcycle

This doesn’t look very safe…but what do I know.

Fashion WTF again

This hat looks very comfortable.

WTF Japan Again

These guys….my god.

Then vs Now

Father and Son Muscle Team

Nice View

Not sure the view is worth the safety issues here.

Mcdonalds anyone?

Looks like someone emptied a wastebin into the car. How do people live like this.

Snake bedtime stories

Yeah this looks healthy, nothing could go wrong here.

Crazy Brick Head Carrying

Not only wtf, but impressive too.

Handbag Toilet

Well this is weird

Crazy Octopus

I can’t tell if this is real or not

Nice sweater

Fashion doing it again, being wtf.

Real Life Barbie

Ukrainian Barbie girl, unbelievably weird body, its actually hard to decide if she’s real or not.

Big Collector

I don’t think he has enough plastic yet. Nice photoshop though.

Crab Juice

Would you take a swig of that murky blue juice?

Broken Hands

Yeah, those are pretty broken….

Weird Toilet

Well done Japan, you’ve done it again, wtf.

Crazy mother

Walking on fire with a baby, great idea for entertainment there.

Standing on a building

Could you do this?

Before and After Surgery

Some crazy transformations, mainly jaw and eye surgery.  


All hail our new crab overlords.

She will only watch big monitors

Chilling out at the coffee shop

Snake Walkies

They need to stretch their scales…

That subway

Crazy day on the subway again.

Family outing

Family outing

Tidy room

What a mess. How do people live like this.

Wet Cat

Wet cat is not amused.

What the

What even is this, and why.

Buffalo loves tv

Not a great TV experience for the mom there.


In case you really can’t hold it and want to publicly shame yourself.

That pose

What a flexible body…


I hope it isn’t poisonous.


Some people just have to be different.8F7WVATM3V5P

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