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More Animals Doing Cool Stuff

More cute animals here doing awesome stuff, take a look! Source: Clay Bennett

Elisha Cuthbert, Rain and more – 10 Gifs

Some cool and interesting gifs today, first a hot one of the Canadian actress and model Elisha Cuthbert in motion.

Cats, Dinos, Pugs and more – 14 Gifs

How to clean your table easily.

Cakes , Lemurs and Ships – 8 Gifs

This makes me hungry, and want one of these, to just ice everything I eat.

Girls, Ferrets, Expressions and more – 18 Gifs

Going through her repertoire of cuteness.

Hard heads, doggies and athletics – 12 Gifs

That is pretty impressive, I must say.

Robots, Slides and Clouds – 12 Gifs

I’m coming in. Good Morning!

Crazy saves and more – 8 Gifs

This Dad makes a much needed save.

Chess, Diving, Booty Bounce – 10 Gifs

Ah yeah, the famous steal and run away move.

Ferrets, Football, and Intimidation – 15 gifs

That’s one crafty ferret, he deserves to get whatever that is.

Fails, Craziness and Animals – 13 Gifs

That’s gotta have hurt, I wonder what injuries there were.

Opening a Bottle, Pests, Attack Dogs and more – Gifs

Some bottles are just so hard to open, you need some help from your friend. Then someone finds out the…

Football Gifs, Animals and More – 11 Gifs

To go with the theme of the world cup, here’s 3 funny football gifs, then we have some other crazy…

Duck Horde, Cats and Fails – 11 Gifs

Ducks, Ducks EVERYWHERE.

Waking Ducky, Real life GTA and Socks – 14 Gifs

This little duck is so cute waking up. Then we have real life GTA, and some impressive sock catching after.

Funny Dance, Animals and More – 12 Gifs

I’d hire these guys to dance at any event I’m in charge of.    

Funny animals, good friends and craziness – 12 Gifs

First gif is an example of a great friend. Then we got a cute cat who loves to lick and…

Crazy and Funny Gifs of the Day – 8 Gifs

Check out some of these, imagine this crazy moose charging you, a Canadian nightmare. The dresses in the second picture,…

Eating Evidence, Slide Smash and a Mean Dog – 5 Gifs

From eating evidence, to wrecking slides, a dog having some fun and flying crocodiles, here’s a few gifs to laugh…

Uninterested Dog & More – 4 Gifs

What is that human trying to do, it’s really annoying.   Ouch that must have hurt.   Back to God…

Green Screen

Interesting look at the making of films.

Fuck lettuce

God damn lettuce I hate you.

Rolling in

Rolling into a snug position.


The disadvantages to big breasts.


Argh I want one!


I’m surprised it went well.

Bursting Fun

He was a little bit let down.

Little Piggy

Having a nice bath.

Ox inside

Crazy gif of rampaging animal.


The most awesome cat wiggle ever.

Cute Dogs

Corgis on a Treadmill!


Synchronized cuteness.


Don’t worry he knows what he’s doing.

Little version

Omg a puppy he’s thinking.

How to park like a boss

Gets out like a boss too.

Bad Smell

The smell of the fruit Durian, smells like a rotting corpse.  

Dolphin Time

Holy shit indeed.

Two Bunnies

Neither will give in!

Great Leap

Looking so majestic until…

I’ll show you

Poor kid haha, revenge doesn’t always work out.

Cutie Attack

Oh God it’s horrible.

Dino Dance

Everybody walk the dinosaur.

Well he’s gone

Er, that doesn’t look good.

Incredible Luck

I wonder what injuries they ended up having.

Flying Snake

Nope nope nope nope nope.

Selfie Problems

Kicked right in the face.

Cute Panda

He love that ball.


That expression.

True Pimp

Coolest guy on the block.

Disney Derp

I think it’s an improvement.

That face

Makes me laugh everytime

Crazy Stunt

Could you do it?


Being a proud llama.

Little Chipmunk

Reminds me of that cartoon about chipmunks, Chip n Dale.

Mama Wolf and Cubs

Amazing looking gif.

Sleepy Head

Just can’t stay awake any…longer.


This behavior looks both crazy, funny and cute.

Rolling on in

When you’re at home alone.

Reporter Fail

I think they need another take.

Trying the quick solution

Doesn’t always work out well.


Looks fun.

Football Gif

Football like this would be so much better.

Didn’t really want it

That’s what he tells himself.

Toilet Prank

This is going to great lengths for a prank.

Dog Alarm

Better than any other alarm.


Cat sixth sense, time to bails out of there.

Big Fight

Doing his own thing.

Tickle Time

I want one!

Get Her

Surprising Ending


Scare of his life.


Perspective is everything.

Crazy Otter

Protecting his territory.

Well that was sudden

Nice effect though.


Maybe a bit over the top….nahh

Lets go!

Onwards turtle friend.


Just casually takes the photo after near death experience

Smart Octopus

The beginning of the new master species.

Check your strap first

Walks away with his head down.


Popular Gif right now in Asia.

Come at me bro

Best dog costume ever.

Fastest Ref around

The speed of that slide…


Scared the fluff out of him.

Skipping World Champion

Skips so fast she’s basically hovering, unless this is some gif magic.

Basket cat

Everything will be caught.

Fighting for a bed

Thats my bed, no mine!  


I guess someone got fired that day.

Waking up

I wonder what kind of dream it was.

Crazy Building

Mind can’t comprehend.

Cute Cat

His way of saying hello.

How to wake someone

May cause slight back pain.

Caught in the elevator

Maybe a bit embarrassing.

Crazy Model

Doing something different.

Gif Thursday

Some more crazy gifs today.

Gif Saturday

A few crazy gifs to see today!  

Students watching a dance

Quite the entertaining spectacle.

Super Gif Friday

A few gifs today, mainly crazy and shocking ones involving vehicles.

Lost my appetite..

Why can’t people just eat normal things.

Enjoying himself

Newscasters should let loose a bit more like this guy.

Fraudster in action

The benefits of having a dash cam.


This dog teaches you to never give up.

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