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Mon And Son, Photoshop Fails, X-ray

Get in here and check out these funny and wtf pictures of mon And son, photoshop fails, security X-ray and…

Taking A Photo, Burger And Boat

Taking A Photo, Burger And Boat

Parenting, Fashion and more – 10 Fail Pics

Great parents here, really looking out for their child’s comfort and dealing with important matters on the phone.

For Seal, Chopsticks and more – 10 Fail Pics

That seal will be one happy seal.

Lingerie, Pants, Stop and more – 11 Fail Pics

I think this lingerie show is attracting the wrong type of customers.

Self Cake, Hair and Van Fails – 11 Pics

There’s nothing like the joy at a wedding, cutting into a life size replica cake of yourself.  

Fail Control, Haircut, Driving, Subway and more – 7 Fail Pics

First some fail control of children. Then a random looking haircut. After is an example of some excellent driving skills….

Nailed it Special Post of Fails – 19 Pics

Collected a few funny pictures of the “nailed it” meme, where people see something cool like a lovely looking recipe…

Some Fails of the Day – 6 Fail Pics

Kid having an accident on your shoulder, just have to take it and keep on walking.  

Busy Party

This looks fun and safe. I wonder if the floor collapsed too.

Advertisement lie

Ordering a dress from China, never again.

Safe Bike

That bike chain is definitely going to protect this bike.

Head Protection

He has safety as his top priority.

Boyfriend Problems

Would you do this?

Sleeping Safely

Not the most ideal place for a quick nap.

I’m helping

Official stick up the bum engineer.

Shopping problems

Desperate for that soda.

Ceiling problems

Not a great situation to be in.

Seats for Kids

Parent thinking about his kids safety!

Playground Design Fail

I’m not sure if this is an accident or the designer has a dirty mind.

Match Mistake

An unforgettable moment, that their mates will never let off on.

Pineapple Head

Not the greatest look to have.  

Robert Cop 3

Great gift for your kid for their birthday.

Fell in Hole to get Phone

This British girl got stuck when she tried to get her phone which had fallen down a grate.

Fail Biking

Cycle to work, face-palm, cycle to cleaning shop.

Bad Day at the Gym

Think I’ll skip cardio day.

That isn’t a parking spot

Forgot where the garage is.


I bet he has a grand view.

Log Riding

No safety standards here, just gotta have massive balls.

Damn it

I wonder if they’ll just leave it like this.

Car Delivery

Wouldn’t want to drive near that car.

Looks safe

It’s all fine, he’s sitting on it, not chance for anything horrible to happen here.

Fail Painting Safety

As usual, safety standards being adhered to.

Safety First

Safety is of the utmost importance to these guys.

Fail Iron Man

One of these doesn’t fit.

Secure Gate

Aint no body getting past this when its locked.

Is this safe?

I don’t think its the best use of energy either.

Fail Car Modding

I guess this is supposed to be the batmobile?

Triple Lorry Fail

At least one of them is ok.

Fail Pool Party

Yeah I don’t think this place is big enough, way too many party crashers?

Safest Bike

Well I guess that sucks…

Nice BMW

With a nice modern rear window cleaner

Fixed Post

Yeah that’s a good fix right there, no problems.

Nice gummy bears

They look very realistic, very bear.


Karma – It’s a bitch

That tap

Yes, that’s correct, great plumbing job.

Over the limit

Looks a bit heavy

Fashion Fail

Really fashion, why do you do this.


Wow the avengers have some new members

Eating Noodles

This is what happens when you are too lazy to do the washing up.

Public toilets

That’s going to be an awkward situation waiting to happen.

Train wins

As usual. I don’t think the truck had a chance.

Fail Truck

Not an ideal place to get stuck, also how on earth did he get stuck there anyway.


Yeah, I think they’re gonna have some trouble.

Watch out for the FBI Taxi

Those rear clothes add some class.

Headlight Fix

This works…..I guess.

Safety First

In Asia, they are serious about safety.

Cows getting stuck

Cows are always getting stuck in something….

Nice Car Door

Going for that abstract mixed material artistic look for his car.l

Cutting safely

Those fingers are completely safe right underneath that blade.

Excellent Parking

Fits right in the middle of the side lane, well done.

Taking his girlfriend food shopping..

Wait a minute…

Wrecked Tire

When the mechanic tells this guy he’ll need a new tire, he really isn’t ripping him off.

Safe Transport

Hmmm, it’ll be fine.. I think…probably not.


Painful photo for that guy

Excited photographers

Honesty has a way of revealing itself sometimes. Excited photographers

Best solution

Sun making it so you can’t see the screen? Why not try this?

Poor Donkey

Trying to load up their wagon too much…

Not letting go

I wonder how long he can hang on?

Kid’s Playground Design

Either the designer has a sick sense of humor or is just sick-minded generally.

Heavy Load

They might need a new truck.

Self Shot Posing

Excellent self shot

Cinema Mess

Being the cleanup guy at the cinema must suck sometimes.

Delivery Time

More great examples of motorist safety in aciton.

Totally Safe

I can’t see anything wrong with this lock..oh wait.

Follow me it’s safe

Men are all liars.

Always watching

So what about all that change and hope. Are things better?

Scumbag Pigeon

Scarred for life, probably has a phobia of pigeons now.

Safety First

I can’t see anything bad likely to happen here…

Problem human?

Cat sits where cat wants to.

Best Dad around

Nah, I don’t need a trolley, already got one.

They’ll fit he said

Not sure whether this is a result of laziness,drunkenness or just not giving a fuck.

Real life Roger

I love how her camera looks suspended in air, angled looking at them.

Past vs Present

Modern society’s great advancement.

New Adidas Shawl

Gotta get that brand clothing to look pimp.

Nice legs

Why are those people staring at me?

Worst Job in the World

Guy on the right looking glum, he’s up next tomorrow.

Kung Fu Monkey

Hya! Monkey Kick!  

Best Marriage Costume

Oh memories, I’ll bet they’ll look back on this day with pride….

Gun Holding Skills

Freeze or I’ll shoot, criminal scum.

Subway Sleeper

On second thoughts, I think I’ll stand.  

Fail at Driving

Well shit……what now.

Truck Fail

Loading up a brand new truck…

Mall Convience

Hey guys, lets go up the……Escastairs…

Good as New

Why waste money on expensive parts?

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