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Month: December 2014

Teddy, Shiny Floor and more – 11 Lol pics

This is one lucky teddy, and looks exhausted too.

Elisha Cuthbert, Rain and more – 10 Gifs

Some cool and interesting gifs today, first a hot one of the Canadian actress and model Elisha Cuthbert in motion.

Parenting, Fashion and more – 10 Fail Pics

Great parents here, really looking out for their child’s comfort and dealing with important matters on the phone.

Awesome Landscapes and Photos – 11 Cool Pics

These pictures really make me want to travel and take more photos.

Beautiful Girls Galore – 10 Hot Pics

Another set of beautiful pictures. I can’t even pick a favourite, probably the first one.

Baby Animals Galore – 16 Cute Pics

Break in posts, but back with more now, here’s a whole boatload of cute creatures to go aww at!

Snow, Spheres and more – 10 Cool Pics

A mixed selection of beautiful and cool photographs.

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