This is me every time home alone. Pondering who the hell is knocking on the door. Whether to ignore it and burglars will think the house is empty and break in. Or to answer, and they’ll attack you and break in. Then you just get a hammer ready and put the chain on the door, and you hear “Do you have a minute to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”. Oh god it’s even worse.

Home Alone

Mouth so full you can’t even respond properly.

Waiter arrives

Overflowing with soft toys.


Pretty cool idea for a sock.

Shark Sock

I never sleep on trains for this reason.


What were they thinking, actually I guess they weren’t.

Never Forget

Noooo not his friend.


This guy has it mastered.




Last minute costumes for a party.


Loading Afro

Someone pooped

This is too many women.

Makeup Instructions