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Month: May 2014

Imminent Pain, Crazy Creatures and Other Stuff – 10 Pics

I wonder what happened next in the first pic, I can’t even tell what animal the 2nd pic is.

Cooking Tips, Animal Fun and Randomness – 9 Lol Pics

This post brings you a great cooking tip for safety, just wear a giant plastic bag, now oil won’t splatter…

Funny animals, good friends and craziness – 12 Gifs

First gif is an example of a great friend. Then we got a cute cat who loves to lick and…

Fail Control, Haircut, Driving, Subway and more – 7 Fail Pics

First some fail control of children. Then a random looking haircut. After is an example of some excellent driving skills….

Crazy Makeup Transformations – 5 WTF Pics

I know that makeup does wonders, but really the difference it makes in these pictures is absolutely crazy.  

Adorable and Cute Creatures from all over – 9 Cute Pics

Check out this range of cuties, from this baby turtle to a scared doggy, best friend lion cubs and bully…

Crazy and Funny Gifs of the Day – 8 Gifs

Check out some of these, imagine this crazy moose charging you, a Canadian nightmare. The dresses in the second picture,…

Friendzone, Spiderman and Bad Parenting – 11 pics

The friend-zone is a horrible place to be, especially in public.

Nailed it Special Post of Fails – 19 Pics

Collected a few funny pictures of the “nailed it” meme, where people see something cool like a lovely looking recipe…

Modern Advancement, Mean Girls and More – 12 Funny Pics

Superheroes have come a long way in 30 years. And the girls from Mean Girls have come a long way…

Some Fails of the Day – 6 Fail Pics

Kid having an accident on your shoulder, just have to take it and keep on walking.  

Eating Evidence, Slide Smash and a Mean Dog – 5 Gifs

From eating evidence, to wrecking slides, a dog having some fun and flying crocodiles, here’s a few gifs to laugh…

Miley Bieber, Nic Cage Fan and Stuck Cat – 9 WTF pics

This first one fits way too well. Some of the other pictures are downright ridiculous, the traffic one makes me…

Daily Sexy Dose – Amazing Asian Girls – 7 Pics

Another set of beauties for you today. Which is your favorite? Which would you Marry, Kiss or Avoid? You’d be…

Cute Duck, Furry Beings and Annoyed Baby – 5 Pics

Quick post today of a few cute images. Starting with this adorable baby ducky!

Uninterested Dog & More – 4 Gifs

What is that human trying to do, it’s really annoying.   Ouch that must have hurt.   Back to God…

Yoona, Stripy Dresses and Fabulous Hair – 11 Beautiful Pictures

Another day of beautiful models to appreciate, check out today’s photos, which is your favorite?    

Home Alone, Never Forget, Waiters – 14 Pics

This is me every time home alone. Pondering who the hell is knocking on the door. Whether to ignore it…

Cute Dinos, a Cool Lamp, Car Removal – 9 Pics

Usually at, I make a separate post for every picture. Now all the pictures for the day will be…

Green Screen

Interesting look at the making of films.

Fuck lettuce

God damn lettuce I hate you.

Rolling in

Rolling into a snug position.

Busy Party

This looks fun and safe. I wonder if the floor collapsed too.

Ahri Cosplay

Super cute cosplay by Yuri Seo.


The disadvantages to big breasts.

Fishing Haul

Caught after 24 hours.


Well I guess he only wanted to do one trip.

Pussy Sofa

I wonder why it has that name.

Advertisement lie

Ordering a dress from China, never again.

Odd one Out

Guess which one has gone from getting all attention to sharing attention.

Rice Fox

Another tasty cute treat.

Sleepy Bear Rice

A tasty and cute meal, shame to eat it.

New Mailbox

The neighbors got a new mailbox, I’m a bit concerned.

Balance and Comfort

I can’t tell which is more comfortable, holding up some guy, or sitting on a stick.

Hot Korean Model

Great figure and great photo.

New Fashion

The color is very 2014.

Naughty Pack

Things are getting frisky on the shopping shelf.

Ripped Jeans

Maybe a little too ripped.


Argh I want one!


I’m surprised it went well.

New Recruit

Such a cute puppy, getting ready to train for helping someone in need.

Sleeping Corgis

Their sleeping positions are cute on their own.

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