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Month: April 2014

Giant Potato

How in the world was this grown?


Would you be a little bit nervous?

Mannequins have it hard

Just need some time to lie down.

Secret Fridge

For some secret supplies.

Bubble Bath

Hmm, I think we have a bubble problem.

Bursting Fun

He was a little bit let down.

Little Piggy

Having a nice bath.

Safe Bike

That bike chain is definitely going to protect this bike.

Head Protection

He has safety as his top priority.

Baby Racoon

Never seen a baby racoon before! So cute!

Car full of Bikes

This guy needs a lot of bikes.

Amazing Model

Super hot clothing.

Cat Foot

Look at it!

Healthy Alternative

Being on a diet is hard.

Big Book

Glad this isn’t on my reading list.

Ox inside

Crazy gif of rampaging animal.


The most awesome cat wiggle ever.

Cute Dogs

Corgis on a Treadmill!

Boyfriend Problems

Would you do this?

Dragon Bridge

Cool bridge in Vietnam.

Stockroom is Full

Why not store everything on the side of the building!


I wonder what it tastes like.

Beauty in White

Do you wish you were on a trip together?

All Cats the Same

If I fits, I sits.

Guys at the Club

They be saying.

Watermelon Face

He doesn’t look very pleased.


Synchronized cuteness.


Don’t worry he knows what he’s doing.

Sleeping Safely

Not the most ideal place for a quick nap.

Cool View

Breathtaking view of Dubai.

Slide in Toilet

Not much room to do your business or even attempt to get in.

Schoolgirl Uniform

Really hot photo.

Hot Cosplay

Sailor moon cosplay, stunning legs.

Cutie at the Beach

Amazing figure!

Close up

We need a double closeup for this.

Captain America

Budget travel hitting us all.

Little version

Omg a puppy he’s thinking.

Puppy dog eyes

What kind of monster could say no to this face.

Baby Penguin

It was national penguin day yesterday, so here’s a cute baby one.

Fluffy and Ducky

So happy and fluffy.

Cute Cat socks

The cat is like “omg what a crazy pair of cats.

I’m helping

Official stick up the bum engineer.


Both creepy as fuck and what the fuck.

Panda Feeder

Must be a pretty crazy job. Nice costume though.

His new home

Very cosy and modern.

Bunny Bag

Off to Bunny school!

Flying over natives

I guess they thought it was a tasty big bird?


Just another day on the road.

How to park like a boss

Gets out like a boss too.

Bad Smell

The smell of the fruit Durian, smells like a rotting corpse.  

Little Swimmers

These little fellas look like they are enjoying the pool.


They are everywhere! So cute.

Happy Dog

Is also a cute dog!

Dolphin Time

Holy shit indeed.

Two Bunnies

Neither will give in!

Great Leap

Looking so majestic until…

I’ll show you

Poor kid haha, revenge doesn’t always work out.

Nailed it

Impressive copying technique.

Fashion recreated

Give that man a job and his own fashion line.

Pretty in Red

Great figure.


I have no idea what this is about.

Monkey King

Journey to the West Modern version, gonna be a quicker journey I think.

Shopping problems

Desperate for that soda.


So adorable!

Pug Life

Enjoying a drive in the water.


Flexible Bus Driver

Cutie Attack

Oh God it’s horrible.

Dino Dance

Everybody walk the dinosaur.

Well he’s gone

Er, that doesn’t look good.

Ceiling problems

Not a great situation to be in.

Beautiful Model

Daily dose of sexiness.

Super Cute Model

Fit and looking great.

Incredible Luck

I wonder what injuries they ended up having.

Flying Snake

Nope nope nope nope nope.

Selfie Problems

Kicked right in the face.

Cute Panda

He love that ball.


That expression.

Cute Puppy

Cuteness overload here, such an adorable puppy, floppy ears and smiling.

Amazing Model in White

Great quality photo.

Creepy Mushroom

This was at a kids park.

True Pimp

Coolest guy on the block.

Disney Derp

I think it’s an improvement.

Three Different Ways

I think it’s obvious which is the derp way.

Baby Otters!

So adorable!

That face

Makes me laugh everytime

Crazy Stunt

Could you do it?

Cute Race Show Model

Check out this great picture.


Being a proud llama.

Seats for Kids

Parent thinking about his kids safety!

Big Coat

Now that’s an impressive looking coat.

Crazy Teapot

How much would you pay for this?


Another beautiful moment captured.


Which would you choose?

Too many cars problem

Hmmm is this enough?

Tall Girlfriend Problems

Why is it boys are meant to be taller in a relationship?

Little Chipmunk

Reminds me of that cartoon about chipmunks, Chip n Dale.

Mama Wolf and Cubs

Amazing looking gif.

Playground Design Fail

I’m not sure if this is an accident or the designer has a dirty mind.

Match Mistake

An unforgettable moment, that their mates will never let off on.

Super Hot in Black

Another amazing Korean model to gawk at.

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