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Month: March 2014


This is almost unbelievable.

Amazing Hair

This looks like its from a fantasy world.

Cute Korean Model

Another amazing model at a Korean Car Show.


Here’s proof they exist, they don’t look that small though.  

Two Ears

So why not two phones?

Exam Cheating

More innovative cheating techniques from China.

Keeping it cool

Act normal and we’ll get away.

Something is not right

I’m not sure but I think someone flipped that building over.

Elf cosplay

What a stunning beauty.


That’s some talent.


Scare of his life.


Perspective is everything.

Face on Fire

The most wtf thing is how casual this guy is.

Stunning Model

Check out this dream girl.


There’s so much going on in this picture.

Bad Day at the Gym

Think I’ll skip cardio day.

Pure happiness

This is a dogs dream, years supply of doggy biscuits.

Crazy Eye Art

Beautiful artwork of an eye.

Terminator Arm

Check out this cool arm art.

Beautiful ryu ji hye

Cute and Hot at the same time!

Face Swap

I wish this was real.

Crazy Otter

Protecting his territory.

Drunk people

Looks random and fun.

Well that was sudden

Nice effect though.

Size Difference

It’s kind of crazy that our species as adults can have such massive size difference.

Hot Korean Model

Simple stunning.


Maybe a bit over the top….nahh

Lets go!

Onwards turtle friend.

Sink of Puppies

So adorable!

Hot Car Show Model

Another stunning Korean model!

Dont Drink Kids

Free radioactive super abilities with your water supply.

Balance Master

Just an average day balancing tissues like a boss.


Just casually takes the photo after near death experience

That isn’t a parking spot

Forgot where the garage is.

Hot Hwang Mi Hee

Beautiful Korean model at a car show.

Looks Legit

Run kids run.

Smart Octopus

The beginning of the new master species.


I bet he has a grand view.

Angry Fish

Angriest fish around.

Fine Dining

Welcome to the Subway

Well done Fashion

Another win for Fashion.

Cool Teapot

The face of the turtle looks so happy too, awesome teapot.

Weird Statue

Naked bald woman in high heels with a big fork riding a giant cock, makes sense.

Log Riding

No safety standards here, just gotta have massive balls.

Sexy Korean Model

Check out this beautiful model Ju Da Ha.  

Beauty Treatment Dog

Only the best treatment for this dog.

Royal Pugs

Looking very royal and happy.


That looks painful

Coolest Hedgehog

Washing in style.

Overdoing it

That guy doesn’t look happy with the lack of attention for him..

Wall people

Is this supposed to be art?

Army Outfit

Another daily dose of sexiness.

Damn it

I wonder if they’ll just leave it like this.

Balancing Act

I doubt many people could do this.

Beautiful Korean Model

Another stunning picture.

Car Delivery

Wouldn’t want to drive near that car.


Those glasses suit this dog well.

Looks safe

It’s all fine, he’s sitting on it, not chance for anything horrible to happen here.

Ferocious Tiger

Don’t get too close, or it’ll nibble your fingertips.

Impressive Model

Check out this impressive Korean model, beautiful.

Comfy Place

Digging himself a comfy hole to relax in.

Why Hallo Thar

This is an inspection, give me your food.

Check your strap first

Walks away with his head down.

Beautiful Eun Bin

Goddess like Korean model.

Hugging his friend

Doesn’t want to let go.

Crazy High Icecream

It was always going to happen.

Cute Korean Girl

Beautiful face and body.

What girls do for beauty

Your eyes will look better if we set fire to them…

Naughty Cat

I wonder who the culprit is…

Fail Painting Safety

As usual, safety standards being adhered to.


Popular Gif right now in Asia.

Subway Life

Just another day on the subway

Come at me bro

Best dog costume ever.

Fastest Ref around

The speed of that slide…

Cute Bunny

Cutest bunny around.

Beautiful Model

Another gorgeous beauty to admire.

Safety First

Safety is of the utmost importance to these guys.

Fun Day at the Beach

Just a little bit crowded.

Fail Iron Man

One of these doesn’t fit.

Sexy Christmas Model

Beautiful in her red Christmas outfit. C


Scared the fluff out of him.

Skipping World Champion

Skips so fast she’s basically hovering, unless this is some gif magic.

Basket cat

Everything will be caught.

Crazy Man

Lucky to be alive. Also stupid as hell.

Creepy Dolphins

Didn’t know dolphins could be this creepy.

Obese + Motorcycle

This doesn’t look very safe…but what do I know.

Fashion WTF again

This hat looks very comfortable.

Secure Gate

Aint no body getting past this when its locked.

Fighting for a bed

Thats my bed, no mine!  


I guess someone got fired that day.

Amazing Legs

Check out the perfect legs on this beautiful model.

Romantic Picture

I think he definitely improved the moment.

Is this safe?

I don’t think its the best use of energy either.

Cute Baby Elephant

I guess the bigger one is going to give the little one a ride?

Guarantee a seat

By bringing your own.

Fabulous Bike

The most fabulous bike around town.

WTF Japan Again

These guys….my god.

Just a Jog

Quick jog on the ice ends up predictable.  

Then vs Now

Father and Son Muscle Team

Nice View

Not sure the view is worth the safety issues here.

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