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Month: February 2014

Crab Juice

Would you take a swig of that murky blue juice?

Baby Platypus

A handful of cuteness.

Cute Puppies


Broken Hands

Yeah, those are pretty broken….

Weird Toilet

Well done Japan, you’ve done it again, wtf.

Nice BMW

With a nice modern rear window cleaner

Crazy mother

Walking on fire with a baby, great idea for entertainment there.

Secret Member

He always hangs out at the back of photos.

Strong Shoulders

He’s gonna have some backache.

Fixed Post

Yeah that’s a good fix right there, no problems.

Standing on a building

Could you do this?

Crazy pavement tree

It’s coming to get you.

Crazy floor

Carpet makes this flat floor look crazy.

Cute Cat

His way of saying hello.

Cat in snow

God damn this snow he exclaims.

Before and After Surgery

Some crazy transformations, mainly jaw and eye surgery.  

For beauty

What girls do for beauty.

All the parts

Crazy when you see all the parts that go into a car.


All hail our new crab overlords.

Beautiful Girl in Red Heels

Looking lonely whilst she casually sits on a bed.

Ducky feet

I think he’s tired of dressing up with that face.

Winter Outfit

Looking dapper in that outfit.

Crazy Tractor

Nice paint job.

Not amused

Or remotely thrilled with this hairdresser.

That looks nice

That looks nice, can I have some?

Fried Furball

I don’t think it’ll taste great, too much fluff.

Crazy Tree

Nothing will stop it.

Next gen transport

The future is here.

Toilet Roll

I think there’s enough.

Nice gummy bears

They look very realistic, very bear.


Karma – It’s a bitch

That tap

Yes, that’s correct, great plumbing job.

Over the limit

Looks a bit heavy

Fashion Fail

Really fashion, why do you do this.

Cute Kitten

After being told he’ll be ok!

Cool Artist

Drawing a cool picture.

She will only watch big monitors

Chilling out at the coffee shop

Snake Walkies

They need to stretch their scales…

That subway

Crazy day on the subway again.

Family outing

Family outing

What a safe swing

Would you dare ride this?


Wow the avengers have some new members

Tidy room

What a mess. How do people live like this.

Wet Cat

Wet cat is not amused.

Bear Mount

I think the bear is better.

Crazy snow faces

That’s not creepy…

Crazy snowmen

They just want to get out of the cold.

Out in the convertible

Looking good there.

Cute Schoolgirl

Cutie waiting by a bridge.

Insanely Long Wedding dress

Is this length really necessary….

Emperor’s seat

Doing your business on the bathroom throne.

Games over Girlfriends

I wonder when she’ll get bored of him or maybe he is rich.

Nice legs

He must get a lot of looks.

Eating Noodles

This is what happens when you are too lazy to do the washing up.

Trying hard

But not hard enough i guess.

Public toilets

That’s going to be an awkward situation waiting to happen.

Top class bike

Look at those futuristic parts.


Hand full of cuteness

Traffic Cones

Extreme traffic cone prank.

Public Carwash

Using public services to their fullest.

Cute Creature

Looking cool in glasses.

Hope you’re hungry

I feel full just looking at this.

Train wins

As usual. I don’t think the truck had a chance.

What the

What even is this, and why.

Hot Models at Match

These girls can definitely bring in a crowd.

Photoshop Fun

I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

That body

Flawless face, long thin legs, and a healthy chest, is it a doll?

Buffalo loves tv

Not a great TV experience for the mom there.

Fail Truck

Not an ideal place to get stuck, also how on earth did he get stuck there anyway.

Dangerous Photography

He doesn’t care if his shoes and tripod are on fire, he just wants the picture.


In case you really can’t hold it and want to publicly shame yourself.

That pose

What a flexible body…


I hope it isn’t poisonous.


Some people just have to be different.8F7WVATM3V5P

Alternate Backpack

For when you can’t afford a fancy one.

Never too old to party

Living it large.

Good job

Not dangerous at all for him, he’s used to it now.

Annoying tile

I’d have to fix it.

Doll like Model

Enhanced beauty? Or natural? What do you think?

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