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Month: January 2014

Scary seat

Doesn’t look very comfortable.


Spidey just hanging about with the NYPD.

Cute Sushi

Probably going to get a scary awakening. 🙁

Beautiful and Cute Girl

A beauty reclining on a bed in a dress.

Superhuman strength

Something tells me he might not be as strong as this looks.

Cheap cooker

Will probably burn up in a few seconds though.

Sexy Model

Another beautiful Chinese model!

Hardcore eating

This is how you challenge yourself at meals.

Cooling solution

The best solution for an overheated laptop.

Burning out

That looks safe.

Hadouken Phone

Dangerous background for your phone.

Nice view

Maybe a bit cold though.

Dirty Mind

That ride shouldn’t be allowed near children.

Different affordability

Rich kid one upping his neighbor,.


Yeah, I think they’re gonna have some trouble.

Watch out for the FBI Taxi

Those rear clothes add some class.

Such cool. Wow

Who wouldn’t want this.  

Cutest creatures

I think these may have evolved into the cutest creature ever, some kind of Snow Bunny Dog.

How to wake someone

May cause slight back pain.

Beautiful Model

Great photo and pose of this beauty.

Bundle of cuteness

Probably also a bundle of mayhem when they get loose.

Nom nom time

I bet its a handful looking after all these cats.

Snazzy outfit

Looking good out and about.

Truck load

Skeleton delivery, you’d probably do a double take driving past this.

Crazy bottle design

Not sure about its efficiency, but it definitely stands out

Lazy Dog walking

The question is, how does he get it back up, just lifts it with the lead…?

Tokyo Skytree

Cool and incredibly tall tower in Japan.

Sexy Stockings Model

Another stunning model, wearing some sexy stockings and heels.

Massive Mahjong

Looks tiring to play.

Some guys……

I wonder what he’ll say for an excuse if he got caught.

Tiger Backpack

What I like isn’t the crazy tiger-face backpack, but the fact it’s a guy in a suit wearing it.  

Panda Tattoo

Hmmm, quite an eye catching tattoo, though I think she already has enough to be eye catching anyway.

Friendly Umbrella

It’s actually a finger that is dipping to taste test…or maybe not.

Interesting cake

Maybe it tastes really good?

Beauty on a bed

Really long legs!

Riding the Rainbow

Hopefully a pot of gold at the end.

Caught in the elevator

Maybe a bit embarrassing.

Models hot set

Provocative and sexy set by this Chinese model


Hard to not notice

Dear Leader

Marching happily

Interest starts young

Maybe he’s mesmerized by the stripes….


Looks like a fun place to be.

Crazy Model

Doing something different.

Chinese Obama

Beloved general of the Chinese people, in an alternate world.

Mixed race beauty

Not sure what nationalities, but check this cute girl out.

Urinal Head Rests?

For a nice nap whilst you’re there…?

Interested Kid

A healthy interest I hope.

Long Thin Legs

Another beautiful model

Sexy Foursome

I bet most men would like to make this a fivesome.

Crazy slippers

It’d feel weird wearing these.

Shower Head

umm, I wonder what that’s for…

Crazy biking

Balls of steel biking down that.

Balancing act

Crazy balancing by this kid.

Balls in trouble

Collecting for charity..

Gif Thursday

Some more crazy gifs today.

Lucky Duckling

A lot of guys would love to be this lucky ducky.

Spiderman getting too naughty

I guess his spidey senses must definitely be tingling

Solving a problem

Being lazy and innovative is better than getting out of bed.

Gif Saturday

A few crazy gifs to see today!  

Military Beauty

Would you let her invade you?

Not feeling too well

Hangover from a New Years Party.

Cute Cat in a Boot

Snug, warm and happy.

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