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Month: December 2013

Headlight Fix

This works…..I guess.

Safety First

In Asia, they are serious about safety.

Cute Fox

Ball of cuteness embodied. Wish I had a pet fox like this.

Cows getting stuck

Cows are always getting stuck in something….

Cute Cats

Cats are awesome, here’s some cats.

Gaming addiction

You know you’re addicted when your ceiling falls in and you’re still keep on playing.

Concentrating really hard

Don’t disturb him, he’s concentrating on something extremely important.

How to test the perfect ass

Is your girls bum firm enough to clench a piece of paper?

Anime vs Real Life

Which is better?

Boob Job or not?

A lot of celebs deny surgery, but here I guess she can’t really…Which do you prefer, natural or fake?

Back Trick

Is this the same person, or just a similar swap?

No Shame Photography

Even giant character dolls aren’t safe in Japan.

Nom Nom Nom

Nothing will stop these rice pandas as they devour the curry.

Lucky Cat

Real life lucky cat, though not gold, but still cute as hell.

Students watching a dance

Quite the entertaining spectacle.

Super Gif Friday

A few gifs today, mainly crazy and shocking ones involving vehicles.

Cheap haircut

Money is tight so he has to take the cheap cheap haircut.

My kind of t-shirt

Something super about this t-shirt.

In his gaming position

This guy takes gaming seriously.

Nice Car Door

Going for that abstract mixed material artistic look for his car.l

Cutting safely

Those fingers are completely safe right underneath that blade.

Excellent Parking

Fits right in the middle of the side lane, well done.

Taking his girlfriend food shopping..

Wait a minute…

Self Shot Beauty

Beautiful figure taking a selfie.

Demolished Building

Action photo of the building being demolished in Asia.

Cool Cat Tattoo

Is this a real tattoo or just body art?

Elephant Massage

Getting a little frisky with that trunk.

Mahjong can be played anywhere

There’s no time like mahjong time.

This looks totally normal, for the subway.

I can’t think they’d be doing anything sexual here, I mean it’s in public!

That Puddle

Puddles be dangerous.

New beats by Dre

Hang around and listen for a bit.

Nice surprise

Mmmm that bolt looks really tasty.

Chinese Secret Service

Either the secret service or a fashion show for suits.

Beautiful Model

A perfect body.

Get in the car with them?

Maybe one can sit on your lap and distract you whilst you drive.

Dat Statue

True to scale statue of the president of Asia.

Lets go human

Looks pretty grumpy, maybe he had to wait.

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