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Month: November 2013

Making use of your body

This girl has got it covered, kinda easy to steal though.

Two Girlfriends?

I’d say keep the one on the right.

For Hard Nails

This girl is hardcore when it comes to nailclipping.

Dream Asian Girlfriend

An incredibly cute and beautiful girl, dreamlike.

Foot stool boyfriend

Some people will do anything for love.

Useful socket

This guy knows how to make good use of his public facilities.

Cup Holder

Boobs, what a useful thing indeed.

Before and After Photoshop

Never trust photography…

Cool Artwork

Looks to be some art based on Journey to the West, the famous Chinese fable.

Beautiful Nurse

Send me to this hospital whether or not I’m dying please.

Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

Arguable one of the most WTF videos on the internet. Only from Japan.

Manly English

That is some great use of the english language. So random japan.

Classy Couple

I wonder how much alcohol was consumed on their wild night out. Copious amounts no doubt. Also what are the…

Happy Croc

Leaping out for joy. Probably.

Another beauty at the park

This sexy secretary is taking a break in the park. Time to join her?

That Toilet….

Asia has the worst reputation for toilets in the world.

Creepy Dolls

Please don’t hang them up like that…

Jacuzzi Time

I don’t think you’d have to think twice about jumping in the jacuzzi with this beauty.

Crazy Toothpaste Ad

This really doesn’t make me want to buy toothpaste.

Wrecked Tire

When the mechanic tells this guy he’ll need a new tire, he really isn’t ripping him off.

Epic Japanese Yodelling

This guy is a master of his craft.

Awkward times

I don’t think this is very practical…. Awkward times

Time for a haircut

Way overdue for a snip.

What’s going on here….?

Comment below with your guesses….There’s no answer from me because I have no idea…  

Family cosplay

Where’s uncle brock at

Erotic Chicken

This is just downright weird.

Cute Girl

That brochure makes no sense, Will Idea, Tornament, Humility….

Most Annoying Laugh Ever

This is the soundtrack for hell.

Noodle Features

Noodle style is popular these days.


I really wanna get this lighter now, adverts really do work.

Fuck, he’s back!

I don’t think he’ll be happy with all the capitalism going on now.

Street Fighter 2 Best of Church Edition


Lost my appetite..

Why can’t people just eat normal things.

Some watery trouble

Having a nice stroll in the flooded surroundings..

Hot Hairdresser

I’d be going for haircuts every week..

Big Steamed Bun

This is a mantou, popular cheap steamed bun, not supposed to be that big…

Safe Transport

Hmmm, it’ll be fine.. I think…probably not.

Doesn’t Care

Not sure if this guy is really brave or just really perverted. Probably the latter.

Tight Fit

This would be uncomfortable I think…

Stuck in the bus

Why is he naked…..Comment your theories!

Amazing Body

Must be a popular girl.

Animal Transport

I don’t think this the ideal vehicle for this…

Public Transport

That girl looks real happy.

Another cute girl at the park

I think the park is a decent place to pickup girls.

Crab in my noodles

Probably still alive.

Crazy Statue

That face and that chest….


Painful photo for that guy

Girls and Frogs

I think the bottom girl has got things wrong…

Help her zip up

Help her zip up a dress or something more?

Cute Girl at the Park

She’s just sitting there, go up and talk to her?

People’s attention

Those guys are interested in something…

Mud Fun

Why is she so happy? Is this some kind of beauty mud treatment or fetish?

Asian Toilets

So that’s the toilet on the right.

Japanese Schoolgirls

Something looks suspicious about these schoolgirls…

TV in Japan

I’d like to see this done to celebs/models in the west.

Thats not scary

Clever photoshop methinks.


The only answer that is possible.

Boob Cosplay

I like this kind of cosplay.

Height difference

Would you be comfortable as this type of couple?

Sneaky Duck

Those ducks are crafty ones.

Brave Pervert

Some balls of steel on this guy.


I really wanna know what they sell….

Real depression

How is the whole body fitting in there? Mannequin or not?

Subway sleepers

That guy looks to be really enjoying this ride.

Beautiful Model

Car show model from out of this world.

Cat Abs

That’s one fit kitty.

Poor cats

Those were the golden years.

Excited photographers

Honesty has a way of revealing itself sometimes. Excited photographers

Best solution

Sun making it so you can’t see the screen? Why not try this?

Enjoying himself

Newscasters should let loose a bit more like this guy.

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