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Month: October 2013

Li Yuan Jing

Imagine waking up in the hospital with this cutie as your personal nurse.

Lazy cat

It’s favorite spot to perch.

Poor Donkey

Trying to load up their wagon too much…

Ultimate accessory

Soon everyone will be wanting this.

That face

Even with the face change, still an impressive cleavage.

Fraudster in action

The benefits of having a dash cam.

Beach girls

A sexier post to make up for the last one. Wouldn’t it be great meeting this girl at the beach?

Subway girls

The subway…. I guess its never too boring?

Danger sleeping

For those who want a thrill even when asleep or for those who are just suicidal.

Gangster goose

One hip happening goose on the move.

Monkey Vice

One down and out monkey.

Going for a bike ride

Needs that cardboard protection in case of a crash.

Otter cuteness

Cute otter counting to 10 for hide and seek.

Puppy Kiss

Learning how to kiss the hard way.

Ignoring Danger

As dangerous as this is, I guess the pictures you take would be amazing.

Maintaining concentration

Surely this is dangerous, how can he concentrate.

Weird Tribal Helms

Weird but strangely interesting.

Cooling off

Interesting way to keep cool in the summer.

Those expressions

Webcam happiness in motion


This dog teaches you to never give up.

WTF After Makeup

Never trust high angle close up pics online.

Creatures from the deep

Weird things ending up on the beach.

Not letting go

I wonder how long he can hang on?

Dancing Fail

I guess that cat is down 1 life.

Cool statue idea

Quite an original idea for a statue

Hot Girls Sighted

This group of models is approaching you in the street. Stand and gawk? Or muster the courage to speak to…

Unwanted Attention

Guy making his move on the subway.

Heavy Load

They hire really strong delivery guys to pedal their drinks about.

Got Kebab?

Thats a real kebab right there. Just a spear of meat.

Bundles of Cuteness

Eight little puppies all in a row.

Cool Bath Design

A different way to share a bath

Ideal Girlfriend

How do you ask this girl out for a date?

Lost a sock?

Is this a fashion trend to show off a tattoo or just forgot to put the other sock on?

Getting Rest on the Bus

Those are some bumpy roads if you have to do this.

Naughty Trees

Trees be getting some action in the woods.

Creepy Pants

I’d never wear these, just leave them there making this expression.

Bloody Crazy Man

You see this bloody naked guy with a meat cleaver? Run or fight?

Crowd Interaction

People working together, that can’t be real.

Rancid Underwear

I don’t think these are worth saving to dry.  

Revealing Leggings

Whilst sexy they are almost too revealing!

What a Gentleman

Maybe a gentleman but also a doorstep.

ATM troubles

Getting trolled by your bank.

More Subway Fun

The subway never gets too boring.

Flexible Legs

There’s being flexible and then being ridiculously flexible. This is the latter.


I guess it would work…somewhat.

Car Fails

Things car owners never expected.

Banana Phone

Ring ring ring banana phone.

Kid’s Playground Design

Either the designer has a sick sense of humor or is just sick-minded generally.

Heavy Load

They might need a new truck.

Somethings wrong here

This couple has got things the wrong way around.

Beauty in the Country

You meet this beauty in the countryside, what do you say?

Rooftop Sleepover

I guess there really is a population problem when you have to sleep on the roof.

Getting Attention

The guy in the car trying to get a sneaky look.

Copping a feel

Just a leisurely drive whilst feeling up the mistress.

Creepy Hair

Maybe time to get a hair cut or at least tie it up.

Happy Ray

Surprised and please to see you.

Cucumber Trend

Some kind of weird cucumber trend in China atm. So everyone is posting pics of them.

Kentucky Fried G??

What does the G stand for??? Goose?

Naughty Dog

He just couldn’t resist having a grab and look.

Excited Kettle

Those are some perky balls too.

Balancing Master

Is everyone watching to witness skill or witness failure?

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