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Month: September 2013

Swimming through Traffic

There’s always a way to make progress in traffic.

Decent seats

Why pay when you can get a nice seat for free.

Chinese Pool

Secret Chinese practice methods for Pool training.

That Reflection

I wonder how much that trophy weighs. Is the older guy helping at all?

Giant Wave

Taking a picture of impending doom.

Hot Bath

A different way to enjoy a hot bath….

Subway Fun

Oh, I’ll wait and take the next one I think….

Different Hot Pants

Don’t do this at home kids, in fact there’s no circumstance where you should do this.

Happy Marriages

The look on the guy’s face is just “What am I doing with my life?”

Pet Snake

Taking the snake for a slither about.

Girl Gamers

What games would you like to play with her?

Nipple Pork

Finding this in your bowl of noodles wouldn’t be fun.

Distracting Bike

Likely to turn a few heads when it roars down the street.

Difference in style

Compared to the last post, this is an easier question of which would you choose.

Girls at the Park

Which one would you choose?

Frisbee Needs

Must have frisbee. That face.

Games vs Real Life

I guess GTA is better.

Modern Fashion

What’s with this underwear on head fad.

Cute Dog

Adorable puppy trying to get up some stairs  

Long Hair Group

I wonder what would make them cut their hair finally.

Self Shot Posing

Excellent self shot

Fail Dog Owner

Some people shouldn’t be able to own dogs…

Federer Photoshop

Some hilarious photoshops of the great Roger Federer after showing some emotion in a match. ph  

So called Man Slaves

Are these men just being courteous or are they actually man slaves? Comment your thoughts below! Would you do or…

Creepy Watermelon

I don’t wanna find this in a watermelon

This is mine

He shall never let go

Ride for Two

Baskets take priority on this bike.

Comfy Seat

I dont think comfort is on his priorities actually.


With the popularity of larger phone screens, this is the only logical future.

Wiggly Hoodie

Looking at this makes me itchy.

Impressive Cleavage

I don’t think your girlfriend would slap you for looking.

Bottle biker

Professional plastic bottle guy.

Public embarrassment

Showing off the latest fashion…or something


No fucks given.

Cinema Mess

Being the cleanup guy at the cinema must suck sometimes.

Cat Vs Dog

That’s one feisty cat.

Wrapper Difference

Wait something is different here..

Delivery Time

More great examples of motorist safety in aciton.

Master Rochi Cosplay

Pretty decent cosplay of the Dragonball character Master Roshi.

Needs Warmth

Novel way of staying warm whilst on a ride.

Safe Transport

Another lesson in safety from china.

Natural Instict

    Can’t resist that natural instinct

Cash Money and Fame

Crab looking like a pimp.

Bus Washing

Time to do the washing…on the bus.

Pet Sandal

Needs its daily exercise.

Cute Dog

Happy with his strange but similar friends

Bike Faceplant

Ouch, look at the distance of the launch.  

Cactus Package

That’s one well endowed plant. Imagine the pain though.

Dedicated Boyfriend

Talk about being dedicated….too far or just being a good boyfriend?

Nice wheels

These wheels give you a smooth ride.

Shy Puppy

Big bro has got your back.

Spreading Legs

Trees are getting more and more naughty these days.

Looks similar

The resemblance is uncanny!

Sound asleep

Looks comfortable.

Totally Safe

I can’t see anything wrong with this lock..oh wait.

Best Haircut

Looks like he’s gone through some form of torture actually.

Subway WTF

I don’t even know what to say.

Nut Power

High protein nut diet pays off.

Derping About

Dude what are you doing?

Surf’s Up

Thats one cool dude.

Gorilla DS

Only after you’ve finished your homework.

Door Derp

Cleanup needed maybe.

Dog Costumes

The cutest dog costumes around.

Shock and Awe

Title in reference to the girl in the background.    

Squeezing Buns

Who could resist a squeeze in public.

Girls Night Out

I can imagine some drunk guy getting the wrong idea with these…girls?

Waiting for the Bus

Er I think the bus might be stuck today, maybe something to do with all the water.

Happiest Dog

He’s so happy and fluffy.

Beautiful Babe at Shops

You come across this girl shopping, do you approach her? What do you say?

Face Knickers

Another new trend in Asia, I have no idea why….

Tasty Seafood

These look positively disgusting. Would you eat them?

Muscled Beauty

This girl’s biceps put most men to shame.

Follow me it’s safe

Men are all liars.

Fashion again

New fashion in China, cutting the middle out of your jeans, whodathunk!

Always watching

So what about all that change and hope. Are things better?

Awesome Top

Definitely eye-catching, I bet everyone is staring.

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