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Month: August 2013

B Ball Duel

The ultimate showdown, who will win? Mr Slim vs Mr Jacked.

Junk Food Beauty

Just sits in bed in full makeup eating junk food and soft drinks.

Amazing Cosplay

I think the beard is definitely spot on.

Extra Large Please…oh

Is the large belly worth it after drinking this iced tea. Nope.

Road Safety Again

Nothing is going to go wrong here.

Card Cosplay

Ten out of 10 for effort.

Zhao Yu Fei

Impressive model Zhao Yu Fei

Home Mech

Not sure if it’s mechanized otherwise its just expensive glowing furniture.

Moldy Muffin

Picture doesn’t fit the product, supposedly in date.

People Sofa

Sofa made out of women in pink suits.

Hipster Dog

Will it be all blurry for him?

Fluffy Doggies

More fluffy balls of cutness.

Cute Kitty

A ball of adorableness.

Invisible Bus Seat

That’s some next-level problem solving

Dramatic Self Shot

Posing like a boss for his self-shot.

Mannequin Faces

I don’t think those faces will help sell the clothes

Elephant Vs Shack

Elephant Destruction Crew

Massive Dessert

I wonder how many people it takes to eat this. Could you eat the whole thing alone?

Lounging on the Bus

Kind of a genius idea for long bus rides.

Panda Cubs

Baby panda overload!!

Cute Baby Tiger

Adorable baby tiger.

How not to Sleep

This really doesn’t look comfortable.

Cute Mona Lisa

Trying to make Mona Lisa more cute.

Sexy Pants and Top

Need some attention? Buy these…

That’s a big hat

The best protection from the sun.

Cleavage Painting

Paint on a cleavage instead of surgery, just don’t get it wet.

Bad Hair Day

The wonders of the subway population yet again.

Childhood can be fun.

You can’t do this when you’re an adult.

Something misplaced

Can you spot what’s special about this picture?

Beautiful Nurse

I bet you’d love to be taken care of by this nurse.

Making Faces

Something that has spread across Asia as a phenomenon, making an ugly face vs your good face.

Anti Cheating Method

Exams are serious business in asia, this is how they deal with cheating.  

New Fashion

The latest style from Asia gaining popularity.

The TV Show

Yet another complete mindfuck by Japan, which is pretty awesome.

Road Safety

I can see nothing that will go wrong here.

Wood Hunger

I’m so hungry, I’d even take a bite out of this wooden beam.

Zhou Wei Tong

Beautiful Chinese babe Zhou Wei Tong.

Wood Delivery

This looks totally safe and in order.

Outdoor Wedding

It’s raining? Rain won’t stop this massive wedding dinner.

Subway Nap

It’s best to wear this so no one take advantage of you when you nap on the subway.

Ash Drawer

Ash trays are totally overrated, better to use an ash drawer, holds more.

Special Cake

Yes better stick your face right into this cock and ball cake. Good idea.  

Sleeping Corpse

Wrapped up all nice and warm.

Big Gun

Military improvements in asia.

Silent Hill Cosplay

I bet every guy wants to be that Pyramid Head

Yang Qian Qian

Amazing Chinese babe Yang Qian Qian

Panda Licking

Panda doing a Taste hug

Fluffy Samoyed

Such a fluffy and cute dog!

Self Shot Style

New style of self shot photography making its debut.

Ye Zi Xuan

Chinese Babe Ye Zi Xuan chilling in the sea.

Human Thermometer

Convenient way to know the temperature.

Guy flinging

This isn’t weird at all


Easy way to get attention.

Balloon Hair

New fashion style in asia.


Is that clean to pick?

Comfy Position

This is how I sit when I play League of Legends too.

Fashion Win

This is who you call a trend-setter. Everyone is gonna be wearing clocks soon.

Bouquet of Kittens

Nothing says I love you like a bouquet of kittens does.

Bear Fusion

This is obviously how pandas began.

Japan Again

Having seen so many Japanese wtf, that its starting to become normal.

Li Chu Jun

Exotic Chinese beauty Li Chu Jun.

Xia Xiao Wei

Mesmerizing Chinese beauty Xia Xiao Wei.

Naughty Veg

I think we’ll leave these peppers out of the meal today.

Water dance

This cute doggy has the ability to prance on water.


Such elegance and cuteness.

Li Ying Zhi

Stunningly beautiful Chinese model Li Ying Zhi

Makeup Transform

Witness the power of makeup.

Comfy Sandals

Can’t even imagine the pain of wearing these.

Surreal cake

I don’t think I could stomach that cake.

Sleeping on the Job

Cramped but hidden, this is how to catch some z’s at work.

Sleeping at Work

A genius way to have a nap at work.

Zhang Wan You

Zhang Wan You in all her glory.

Sexy Models

Two beauties that look flawless.

Subway Fun

More fun on the subway, every day to work is interesting.

Convenient Bad Habits

More wtf, kind of a good idea.

Japan Delivers again

Probably one of the best adverts.

The Obsession Begins

Memorable day for that kid.


Never trust anything you see online.

Fun Slide

This looks like a comfortable slide.

WTF Balance

Thats a talent that should be respected.

Zhang Xin Yu

Amazing beauty Zhang Xin Yu from China.

Hard to be a Waitress

The glum look is all but expected when you have to carry that lot.

Three Bikes Guy

Pfft 1 or 2 bikes is easy, this guy rolls with 3.

Korean Model Minah

Minah looking hot and dangerous with her holstered weapon.

Alpha Axe Team

Crack Commando Axe Team on patrol.

Safe Place

Seems like a good place to shelter from the rain…

Scooter Delivery

Definitely a safe way to transport your scooter.


Nice spot to choose.

Japan WTF

It’s always from Japan.

Delivery Master

Thats some balance.

Korean Race Queen

Another beautiful Korean race queen

Cute Baby Owls

Those eyes.

So True

This is how the world works I’m afraid.

Beauty Owl

Owl’s need some TLC too.

Lee Eun Hye

Beautiful Korean model Lee Eun Hye in stockings.

Attack on Titan Cosplay

How to become the center of attention. More pics inside.  

Hard Head

Outdoor standing brain surgery becoming popular.


Immense concentration and balance.

Strength and Beauty

I don’t understand how this came about.

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Keeping up with the modern times.

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