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Month: July 2013

Brick Heads

The stakes are high when you gamble in china.

Serious Interview

Professional Interview Disrupter

Scumbag Turtle

There’s scumbags in every species.

Best Idea

Hey lets test our grenades out, this’ll be a great idea.

Hair Yank

Thats one hell of a ponytail yank.

Belly Wobble

The best use of a big belly

Favorite Ball

Really wants that ball, like really.

Doing it Wrong

Gonna wake up with a headache.  

Shoe cam

Shoes are so advanced today you can take pics with them.

Future problems

Guys, guys thats not what i think it is, is it?

The Mona Diesel

Truly a piece of art.

WTF Toilet

Toilet for giants, or a basin for spitting?  

Spider Girl

This is why online dating doesn’t work.

Security Thong

In the wise words of Sisqo, That thong, thong, thong, thong


Not sure if photoshop/makeup or real..

Mr Pig

Selling the meat of his own kind.

Before and After Prom

One year can make a difference

Cat and Kitten

Cuteness overload

Hard Bodies

Only in Japan.

Tight Dress

Amazing body and look.

Amazing Beards

Something isn’t right here….

Dance Moves

Check out these dance moves.

Fashion ffs

Fashion go home you’re drunk

Cat vs Bunny

Cats don’t give a fuck

Good Idea

Thinking is over-rated.

Thats a 10

Amazing figure and cute face.

Cute Asian Girl

Cute with a cute outfit.

Whatcha reading?

You can turn the page now…hello???

Cool to Terrified

Expression of coolness transformed into trauma.


Thats a mean right he throws


Cats never pay debts.

Cat Dragon Breed

Fire breathing cats, they’d burn the world down.

What do you hear?

Somethings coming.


Poor kitty

New dance style

Some amazing dance moves.


I’d be cautious too.

Dog V Dog

Two big puppies.

Future Fast Food

I’m gonna like the future

Irresistible Tree

The woods are sexy today.

How to get attention

Those leg movements, wow.

Cat Vs Bag

Sliding down still staring at it.

Korean Racequeen

Legs that go on forever

Caw caw cough

Picking up a bad habit

Westside Claws

A gang you wouldn’t mess with.

Innocent Looking

So innocent, yet probably devious

Lizard Toast

There’s nothing like toast to get a girl’s heart

Coolest Bunny

I bet this bunny gets all the action.

Scumbag Pigeon

Scarred for life, probably has a phobia of pigeons now.

Why Hallo Thar

Duck :¬† “WTF is this thing?”  

Manual Labour

Impressive if that thing isn’t actually polystyrene or something.


Squids spread out look so weird.

Amazing makeup..

This transformation is almost unreal.

Tidy School

I want the picture of when a teacher sees this.

Gravity vs Cat

That expression is priceless.


China’s new space program is off to a good start.

Cats love showers

Pure expression of horrific sadness

Please Sir

Cute and funny at the same time.  

Solo Travel

This is a pretty good idea, but the best thing about this is her glasses.

Squid commute

Just another average day to work again.

That looks comfortable

Really doesn’t want to sit on that stone. Stick is better.

Deadline to make

A deadline is a deadline, no time to waste!

Subway gang

Just another day on the subway.

Table Ruler

Need a ruler? Nah, this bench will do.

Safety First

I can’t see anything bad likely to happen here…

Problem human?

Cat sits where cat wants to.

Worst Idea

Did someone even think this through?

Best Dad around

Nah, I don’t need a trolley, already got one.

Safari fail

Drive off and run some baboons over, or sit there in terror?

That expression

That fuck my life type of expression.

They’ll fit he said

Not sure whether this is a result of laziness,drunkenness or just not giving a fuck.

Real life Roger

I love how her camera looks suspended in air, angled looking at them.

Past vs Present

Modern society’s great advancement.

Military Strength

Comparison of equipment used by these superpowers.

New Adidas Shawl

Gotta get that brand clothing to look pimp.

Nice legs

Why are those people staring at me?

Wichael Alone

Hmmm something ever so familiar with this place.

No fucks given

Lets hope for celebrity sex with complimentary coffee?

No bites yet

Productive fishing day in china.

Sumo’s become unfair

Smiling before being squashed like a bug

Plastic Collector

Do you even collect plastic?

Truly WTF

I can’t begin to describe this in a simple sentence

Modern Military

Military Parade day in china

Family Trip

The expression of the kid’s face at the back : “I don’t feel safe”

Best Farmer in China

Now he just needs to mass produce these.

Next Level Cheating

Genius way of getting your cheat-sheet into the exam.

The Joy Swing

Just a quickie in the park.

Photo Fist Style

The ancient tradition of babephoto-setsujanken fist style

Asian Architecture Art

Another piece of amazing artwork.

City in a Canyon

Check out this awesome futuristic city artwork

Chinese Bank Security

Ain’t no-one gonna try to rob this bank.

Lan Monitor

Probably some jealousy floating around at that Lan..

Japanese Music – It’s so Good now

One of the best music videos of this generation.  

Working out

Who needs the expense of a gym?

Angry Girlfriend

Late to a date? Expect this.

Stare Cat

Creepiest Cat there is

Crazy Kicks

Wanna play crazy kick ball?

Subway fun

Just another day on the way to work.

Lee Ji Woo

Hot Korean race queen

Asian Beauty

Hot picture of the day

Suprised Dog

Best expression ever

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